windmill Impression

I run most my job to guides. As such my point of impresssion is low in the chase and on the bottom of the platen. Do you get different style of hit if you run high in the chase or near the top of the platten.

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It should make no difference as long as your packing is correct, don’t forget overpacked the bottom of the platen makes contact first. Underpacked the top of the platen makes contact first.

Thank you for the feed back. I see so many videos and watch what other folks do. I thought the impression and packing was as you indicated. When I see other doing it a different manner, I began to wonder if I was missing something.

if you do switch to the top, i would back off the impression, then bring it up as needed. just to be safe, in case of the “under packed” possibility as mentioned above.

I agree Frank if the packing is correct it should make no difference but running at the top you can be prone to tail wag on thinner stock such as banks

Thanks for the feed back. I respect time you spend to answer my ” Why does the sun come up daddy” questions. They may seam foolish at times, but some days I think I am on a fools errand.