Wanted: a few Linotype slugs

Hoping to find someone who’s has a bucket of Linotype slugs kicking around. I’m in need of a few for a printing-related project I’m working on. Not picky about the face, text, or size. If anyone has some or can point me towards some available at a reasonable cost, I’d appreciate it.

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Good day, a bucket of Linotype slugs are usually pretty banged up. Also shipping kind of expensive (weight) a regular bucket probably 55-75 lb. Can you explain a little about your project might be, could possibly come up with a better plan. Hope this helps. BTW I probably have 4-6 tons of metal. Both slug and pig form.

USPS 70 lbs for around 20 bucks.
If it fits, it ships.

I’ve got galley’s and type cases full of old “job” slugs. All yours if you want some. Not sure where you’re at though.

I also have a bucket of slugs, a “free bonus” with a 10x15 C&P I bought recently. Happy to end a handful along if you still need them — just need contact info.


Thanks to everyone who has replied with comments and offers of assistance. I found a helpful person who sent me a box of random slugs.

I’m working on a piece that includes a lot of artifacts used throughout history to create the written word.