Re-attaching a flywheel to a 8 x 12 C&P


I know that disassembling a C&P has been discussed here before… But I recently purchased a 8 x 12 C&P that is being delivered to me without the flywheel attached so that it can fit through the front door of my studio( the seller has been very nice to remove it for me). However, I need tips, links to videos on how I might reattach it. I have been looking on Google but haven’t found anything sufficient yet so I thought I would ask here. Thanks!

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The drive shaft should have a key way (slot), which will match up with a notch in the flywheel hub. Slide the flywheel on to the shaft and align the slot with the notch. You should also be getting a key which fits in the slot and holds the flywheel in place.

Is it just the flywheel that’s been removed or is it the whole drive shaft of the press?

If it’s just the flywheel then it’s as simple as lifting (two people should have no problem) the flywheel back onto the shaft and then securing it with the gib key. You might need to rotate the flywheel a little bit to work it back onto the shaft and maybe give it all a shot of penetrating oil or wd-40 just to coax it along. The gib key can be set with a mallet or hammer and wooden block. Try to avoid striking the key directly with a hammer as it can damage the key. The key needs to be snug but not hammered in excessively—doing so can chip the keyway on the flywheel.

Hope this helps.


Thanks- it does help. Will check with shipped and see exactly what is and is not being removed!

if the “Gib Head” taps all the way in, it is worn out and a new one needs to be ordered and fitted. (A quick fix is to “Arc” it by placing the ends between metal blocks and tapping the middle to “Arc” it in an upwards bend.[it doesn’t take much], this may last forever or 10 minutes.) These are usually fitted by hand, by a craftsman with a hand file and a puller. it is time consuming but then the key is fitted to THAT press. i can make a video of the process if you like.