Roller arm/saddle wear

Hi there,

I just bought a 14.5x22 C&P. All seemed in order u til I went to put rollers on it. Does anyone know how damage like this could have even happened? I’ve been printing 20 years and this is a first for me. Second of all, I will need to replace this part. The bottom pair are in perfect shape but I would like to replace both of the top pair. Anyone have a lead on this part?

Totally mystified. Any ideas?

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I don’t think the photo posted. Here it is.

image: D114A1B1-EEFD-4DA4-A48C-A2221CFAFD41.jpeg


Someone just ran the press without lubricating the roller hooks for a long time. Could be that the oil hole to just that hook was blocked. Not sure who would have that part… you might try Ted Salkin out in California. I believe his info can be found via Google.


Thanks, Brad. I’ll look him up.
I wondered if it was related to lubrication but also surprised they were getting decent prints with it. Or maybe they weren’t. :)

Since the part doesn’t seem to be deformed very much yet (surprisingly), you could probably take it to a good welder and have them build up the worn areas with weld metal, and then take it to a machine shop and have them put it on a milling machine and mill the original slot back in it.

Yes, that is repairable by welding/machining, if you cant find one

Well that sounds great. I didn’t think it would be repairable. That option seems like a good way to go. Thanks so much for the advice!