Press Magnets

I’m trying to find a source for some great magnets that we used to get from Boxcar Press years ago. Looks like they don’t carry them anymore. They are great for using odd shaped things on press. Approximately 2” x .5” x 5/8” high. The magnet itself had metal sides. We have found lots of ceramic magnets about this size but they tend to flake apart with time. Anyone know of a source? Thanks.
K. Harper UA Fort Smith

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NA Graphics makes new galley magnets using Bunting magnets.

Old computer hard drives.

Springtide Press has some coated magnets that they market alongside their Daredevil Furniture sets sold on Etsy.


I bought several at Harbor Freight.

Here are details of the company I use for magnets - and they featured me on their website!

Surprisingly, over the past few years I have picked up great magnets(less than type high, strong, and plastic coated at hardware stores. I get a lot of them at a True Value franchise near where I work. Poke aound when you are near a hardware store and see what might crop-up. It s amazing what you might find at different places. I have one relatively small (2” round?) magnet with a hook on top. If you thread a cable through the hook it is capable of lifting 25lbs.! Real handy for fishing a dropped tool out of a tight space.