Incomplete set of DeLittle’s wood type

I recently bought a set of what I think is DeLittle’s Richmond Old Style Bold Compressed, but it lacks de “g”, “j”, “p”, “q”, “w” and “y” in lower case. Can anyone help me with a print or photo of this letters in order to get them made?
Thank you very much

image: lc.jpg


image: uc.jpg


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Are you also missing the “Q” and “k”?


The “Q” and “k” I have. This was just a quick print and they were on other case.


Unfortunately missing letters not shown in the catalogue page. As they are taller I’m guessing the previous owner kept all the lower case letters with descenders in a separate location.

Thanks for the link.
That’s what I thought too (letters with descenders would be in other location).
Well, let’s see if I have luck and find someone who has a matching set…

You will need say what point size your type is as the weighting of the letter shape will vary between sizes.

The point size in Didot points is 144. In picas is about 13

There was a set for sale on eBay U.K. Seller is paul-robot47

Thank you. Unfortunately, if it is what I think, only had upper case