is this a press or a piece of a press?

The item in the picture is being sold in a local auction, and is described as a printing press. To me it looks like a piece from a printing press. Can anybody tell me more about it? Thanks.

image: 1.jpg


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Looks like the articulating part or platen side of a press. Looks like you could bolt it to something flat that would hold type or image block, use a hand brayer, and print with it i guess. Pretty midieval it looks tho.

It looks like it might be a copy press for copying letters and business documents. Pre typewriters and carbon paper. Pull handle down to press copy tissue and document together.

That press is an Eastman Kodak Heat mounting press, used to mount photographs to mounting boards.

It looks like it might be missing the top of the heat setting switch. If memory serves, it had low, medium and high settings, set by rotating the switch to set stops.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press