odd printing plate

Greeting everyone. Has anyone seen this type of plate before? It looks like deeply engraved sheet metal. I got it from a friend who said it was a letterpress plate but I can’t imagine how I am going to print it as an intaglio with ink in the huge depressions. The Dodgers logo is a three color RWB. Thanks for any insights! Jim

image: IMG_4946.JPG


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Just possibly for the old ”Cutta-Crush” embossing method, or a US equivalent. ? Is the floor of the wider engraved area more or less flat or well rounded ie deeper in the middle?

Possibly an 11 point plate, .159”, for mounting on honeycomb base made by Sterling and fastened with toggle hooks. The plate edges were commonly beveled so the hooks fit well. 11 pt. plates were more deeply etched than the more common 16 pt. plates mounted on wood. The hooks also allowed for minor moves in position when cuts in several colors had to be registered. Not likely intaglio; the letterpress plate would print as a solid with the Dodgers dropped out (or white).

It seems likely that the plate was used with an engraving device as a pattern plate for a pantograph. The information written on the surface and the alignment marks would indicate that the plate was not intended for printing use. If it were properly mounted, it probably could be printed, and would give a reverse (white on black background) image if used.

Magnesium Plate for Foilstamping, Deboss/ Emboss.

Typenut is right, this is a magnesium embossing die, probably .250 high.
Probably for a blind emboss, or matched with a foil stamping die for a foil emboss.

If Darrell is correct I do have the honeycomb bases and toggle hooks that he referenced.
Feel free to contact me at (516) 633-5107 text or call

I think jhenry is right: pantographic master, with final size noted right on it.
This is not beveled for use with plate hooks.

Groan -

Panto Master have a raised edge or a V Groove, no need to go so deep, and usually they are 11 pt.

For Honeycomb - the edges are chamfered.

These plates are still for Foil, Deboss or emboss.

I do Foilstamping etc, but also cut mats for typecasting on an Alexandr 3 A and have Honecomb Bases by the galley

Thank you all for your comments! I have a pantographic device and I will give it a try. Meanwhile, it seems foil stamping is the likely use.

I am going to try “Arte de Moule” technique with a homemade paper slurry to create a raised image using it as a mold. I will also print it with the surface inked and then add colors by hand to the resulting white drop out areas.
Finally I will give a modified foil stamping process a go. If I get anything worthwhile I will post the images. Best to all and stay healthy!