External Vacuum pump for platemaker.

I am looking for a good external Vacuum pump for my older
Polimero platemaker. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am located in Ontario Canada.

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Look at the Label on your Pump and see if Grainger or MCmaster Carr has it.

do you know what level and volume of vacuum you need?

Here’s a pic of the details on the pump. Thanks

image: Vacuum Pump Specs.jpg

Vacuum Pump Specs.jpg

I am looking at this listing right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194014764846

I don’t know the situation you have, and this may or may not be significant, but your old pump is for 220 volt and the one you are looking at is 110 volt.


image: pumps.jpg


The Platemaker I need vacuum for is a Polimero A3 sized machine. They went out of business many years ago. An external pump is my only option in this situation. My main concern is if the one I am looking at will do the job. 110 V is better for me as I can just plug it into an outlet. Thanks for all of the help so far.

The SF Center for the Book had the same problem with their Polimero, and used the same solution. It worked perfectly, but was confusing to newcomers; no matter where you put a instructive sign, some people will ignore it.

the original photo is of a Becker compressor. Becker is a large German co supplying all types of pumps. While any small Gast or similar will do, you might want to see if it’s a pump problem or a motor problem. If it’s the pump it may be dirty or in need of new vanes. Those can be sourced easily and through becker too.

Thanks Nick I took the pump over to an electric motor shop to see if any repair can be done. I do have to continue production so I’m going to grab the external pump in the meantime.