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Handfed 25" or larger cylinder press 19 Sep 19
Heidelberg 10x15 tympan sheets20 Dec 18
engravings4 Feb 18
Highlands Printing | Mann Type29 Jan 17
newspaper press14 May 13
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All linotype mags have a saber-like rod...6 Oct
All linotype mags have a saber-like rod...6 Oct
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Having a another look, I'd say it is a...27 Dec
Having another look, I'd say it is a...27 Dec
Having another look, I'd say it is a...27 Dec
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Hello, am always eager to buy linotype...29 Mar
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Hi, do you have mats for: 8pt./410;...23 Feb
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Hope your situation improves. Would you...26 Apr
How big is the stock? If possible add...25 May
How many do you want? Where are you? 15 Dec
I am a former ITU member still at the...2 Jul
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I have a 28" press for sale. Where are...30 Jan
I have a similar type high gauge and...20 Nov
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I have several racks all of them in...8 Dec
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I make my own base and could make one...30 Aug
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