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South of Mpls.17 Apr
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There is a "thumb screw" at the top of...22 Apr
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There are a million reasons why I love...5 Jun
That's a nice press and set up. Good...8 Jun
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I like to use enamel paper for packing...14 Jul
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Buchdrucker...why would German printers...2 Sep
The plate, also know as a cut or...10 Sep
A jackson bar worked great to move my...14 Sep
Here is a picture of the rubber feed...16 Sep
Oh shoes, I can't attach the picture. 16 Sep
My foreman always tells me....if you...16 Sep
For a PMS color that is required, I try...22 Sep
I could use your C&P motor mount. Let...23 Sep
I finally found shoes for my press and...23 Sep
In my opinion the adana is a very nice...6 Oct
With what shall I wax it Dear Forme?8 Oct
I don't think Forme was insulting. I...9 Oct
Matt, Ouch, I have never locked up...16 Oct
Print the guild at the same time you...23 Oct
Try putting some reducer in your ink....10 Dec
It's an amazing service that google...29 Dec
I always do a color wash. Put the ink...14 Jan
Yes Erika, I usually wash up the...14 Jan
Where are you located?16 Jan
When I don't want to use the bottom...24 Jan
I cover the bottom of the suckers with...1 Feb
It sure looks like an old adana to me. 21 Feb
It looks like a Gordon to me.11 Mar
I can't post a picture of my Gordon...11 Mar
BarbHauser I would like to see a...11 Mar
Google "Leveling the Platen." Fred...20 Mar
Yes, you have to love this trick, it's...22 Mar