Adana Horizontal Quarto Platen

Hi - wondering if anyone can help me with this Adana press I have seen for sale in New Zealand. Presses hard to come by down here I think, I am about to dip my toes into letterpress and I had to bring an Adana 8x5 back with me from the UK.

Question is that in description, seller says “Automatic inking mechanism lacks flanges; rollers in poor condition;”

Is it possible to source rollers for these presses? And any help on what the flanges are? I realise pic is small - any help appreciated.


image: 86242065_full.jpg


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I had a Horizontal Quarto press for a couple years and was able to some pretty decent work with it. I believe the “flanges” you mention must be the roller trucks which ride on the edges of the bed and keep the rollers supported at the proper height, just like the roller trucks do on the upright presses.

If they are missing, I’m certain you could have a machinist turn some for you our of plastic or aluminum. They serve to keep the rollers running striaight on the press as they have flanges like railroad trucks which hang down on the outside of the rails to keep the “wheels” riding on top of the rail. Maybe someone on the list with an Adana HQ will be able to measure their roller trucks and send you the proper dimensions for the machinist to make a set of 4.

The rollers can be recovered by any company doing new or recovered rubber rollers.

Hi Craig,

I have heard on a number of occasions of Horizontal Quarto press users end up removing the rollers and inking-up manually using a hand brayer tool instead. So even without usable rollers, this is going to be a useful little flatbed press.

The eBay UK site is a good source of replacement rollers for the HQ. Alternatively Caslon Ltd may be able to provide.

The one in your photo looks in a lot better condition than many I have seen !



Where’s Rick von Holdt? I believe he has one of these presses that he totes around for demonstrations. I am guessing he could answer your supply questions—but it may be sources in the US.

Go for it, nice machine and check out the manual that I updated a few weeks ago on this site.

Jhenry, Ian, ducharry & Thomas - Thanks for your replies … these forums certainly reach the right people. I think I can picture what you are saying, and indeed the ability to just hand roll whats on the bed is great, given its a small pres for small runs. I already started to look for firms that redo rollers. There is so much info & equipment available via The States, it feels a long way away down here in NZ!

Thanks all.


This is Rick, and yes I do have one of these little beauties. Mine was obtained in pretty much mint condition so I have had no issues with the rollers. It is a dream for taking along for demonstrations. I also see no reason that hand-braying the ink would not work. The automatic inking system simply makes the process go quicker. Hand-braying should not slow you down that much for small runs. The ink plate/disk is already right there.

Have fun, this is a great little press.

Rollers and trucks are available from

Hope that helps

Thanks, marpow

Been in touch with Elli and very happy - top tip.