Love that poster!

What letterpress work do you-all display in your work space?

My little printing area on the porch of my house is tidy, for a change, so I thought I’d show how Foolproof’s 2009 Wayzgoose poster ties the whole room together (in the words of the great Lebowski). Nice work; I enjoy it every day.

image: Print space.jpg

Print space.jpg

image: foolproofposter.jpg


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I want one. Where can I purchase this poster?

I know it’s kind of silly, but I actually prefer not to display printed work on my shop’s walls. I like to keep the equipment clean and let it establish its own aesthetic. Also, sometimes displaying other work gets me too distracted from my own projects!

It may be spartan, but I’m ultimately a print nerd who just loves the look and feel of an open studio…


You have a very nice looking shop, and so clean. A drip pan under the Pearl with no drips. Don’t you oil the poor thing? Just kidding.

I admired Foolproof’s poster and other work as well, and have been collecting the same for many years.

I’m afraid my shop is much messier and not as well organized. I always have the hope that it will sort itself out, but so far it hasn’t. I really don’t know who leaves all the messes here and there, but someday I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Cmcgarr, perhaps Foolproof has some extras (??). I got mine at the 2008 Great Northern Printer’s Fair.

jhenry, my porch space almost never looks this nice…thus the photo. Usually, it looks as though an inky tornado touched down right in the middle. (I had a party last weekend and so shined up the joint.)

Never fear, my Pearl is a pampered little princess and gets regular facials and manicures with lots of oil.

Thanks a lot for the compliments on the poster. Yes, I do have extras that I would be willing to sell.

The poster itself measures 14” x 24”. I checked today to figure the cost of a mailing tube and postage and figure that $15 would cover the cost of the poster, packing and mailing.

If anyone would like one, simply send a check for $15 to:
Rick von Holdt
20793 J Avenue
Minburn, IA 50167

Be sure to let me know that it is for a Wayzgoose/Printer’s Fair poster.

This year’s Great Northern Printer’s Fair will be held September 17 and 18 at Printers’ Hall, McMillan Park, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

I can relate to this poster!

image: ink poster.jpg

ink poster.jpg