Question for Poco owners


I am in the process of restoring a Poco “0”. The only part that seems to be missing is the little wrench used to tighten the tympan on to the cylinder. I would like to make one that looks like the original. Could someone with an original wrench send a picture and some dimensions? Here is a picture of the “before”

image: poco1edit.jpg


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try a nail. Dick G.

Hello John,
I’ll loan you an original to copy if you could make me an extra. I have two Poco presses and only one pin wrench.

If you have the ability to fabricate them I’d also love to buy some Poco bed pins!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Dick G. I knew I’d hear from you on this one! That’s way too easy! What are you thinking?

Don’t know if I can fabricate the pin wrench until I see what it looks like. Send me a quick pic when you can. If I can duplicate you have a deal. I think I can fab the bed pins pretty easily if I can get one of mine out and check the taper. Should be simple to turn on my lathe. I’ll take a look at the pins and let you know.

The bed pins are easy. They’re #5 taper pins.
I found them in stock at my local Ace Hardware.


I’ll have to take photos the next time I am at The Dale Guild. That is where we have the Poco that has it’s pin wrench.

Preston- thanks for the lead on the #5 taper pins. I had no idea it was that simple.


John, a bodkin works very good, that is what i use on my poco, the last time i changed my top sheet and packing was about 1967 or maybe 68. Dick G.

John, I would buy one of those pin wrenches as well, if you make a few of them. I’ve been using an allen wrench that I had in my tool drawer. The sockets on my spindle are pretty badly stripped.

Dick G. Nails, bodkins, geez you’re taking all the fun out of it. I want to use the thing in the picture! I’m a frustrated machinist. My great grandfather, grandfather and father were machinists. It’s in my blood.

nbpeck: As soon as I see one, or get one loaned I’ll know if I can reproduce it. If I can, I’ll make some for those that would like one. By the way, I also have reproduced a very good copy of the instructions to afix to the cylinder. I printed it on the same size as original using tympan paper. Looks authentic.

image: 4557256477_0f4b8365e1_b.jpg



I would be interested also in the wrench.



Bodkin??? “Taper” pin???????? Yikes!!!!

A bodkin seems way too thin and a pin that tapers doesn’t spound right at all. I have an original (I’m not near the press right now) and it is simply a straight rod with a caped end to keep it from falling through the hole where it is stored. I am thinking that it is about 3/16” in diameter and should probably be made of steel so as not to bend easily. A LOT of pressure is exterted on this pin to really get my packing material tight.

I’m herading to Wisconsin for the Hamilton Wayzgoose so won;t be back in the shop for a while to give accurate dimensions.

Going back to the “tapered” thing. That sounds like it would only serve to wearout the sockets much faster. I have seen large nails used for these wrenches on Poco presses.

I think the taper pin was being suggested as suitable for the bed end pins, not the pin wrench.


I use a cut-off screwdriver as a pinwrench on my Little Giant. The diameter of the inexpensive screwdriver is just exactly what is needed, and the handle is comfortable and keeps the pin wrench from falling through the tool holder in the press. I cut the screwdriver off and ground the shaft so it was smooth on the end.

Picking up very late in the game but last year I picked up a poco#1 and would be interested in both the wrench and instructions.

Terry Wessling