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8 is really high unless you are running a big solid. Have you opened your ink keys to increase volume? Also check form roller height and contact between rollers per manual. Stuart



Did you open the ink keys as Stuart suggested? or maybe the screw that lifts the fountain is too tight.

It takes a LOT of key opening to get the 10 x 15 to lay ink down consistently on a long run. Best thing to do is run the press till the ink ductor is against the fountain ball and then open the keys and turn the fountain ball until you see the ink distribution getting where you want it (coming onto the ductor in “orange peel”). When that is set you should be able to manage ink coverage by the amount the fountain ball turns.

There are two schools to setting inking on a Windmill. One is to open the keys way up and use a short fountain stroke. This tends to put the ink on in bigger bursts, and tends to yield heavier ink laydown and poorer drying.

The other is to find a moderate setting on the keys and to run a longer fountain ball stroke (even up to 8). This works the ink more, lays a thinner layer of ink into the roller train and gives a thinner more consistent ink laydown that dries better.

If your ink feed is right, it doesn’t take too long to run the ink color up to where you need it, at which point you adjust the fountain stroke or turn the ink keys up/down.

Unless your paper is flapping about madly, the rider roller shouldn’t be touching it. If it is, you may want to use a frisket finger to control the stock. The rider roller is an invaluable too if you are attempting any amount of coverage and also helps to work the ink so it dries better.



Depending on your press, if you’ve never used the fountain, things might need repair or to be adjusted.

I’d suggest washing up the press, pull the form out - then run the ink up from the fountain. Take a look at how the system works as a whole.

When I first used the fountain on my windmill (for me, day one after getting things repaired & running) I found a couple of mechanical problems. One being the fountain pawl throw-off was bent - causing it to not stop adding ink when off impression. Also the ductor roller was misaligned & not adding ink evenly (if adjusted poorly, this can cause no ink to be actually added at all).

The thought is - starting at the fountain, watch where the ink travels & how far it makes it. Its just troubleshooting advise, not a definitive fix, but it should help identify the problem.


Oh yeah, the fountain pawl… the spring which holds it down can be missing or bent up and keep the fountain from turning. Check that it is pushing down. Stuart

If you cant hear the ratchet clicking will tell you if thats working or still turned off !