C&P Pilot Press OS Lever Position

Hello! I’m a newbie in the printing world. I have a C&P Pilot OS and the lever is on the right hand side if you are looking at it. Someone told me that this is wrong. However, I read somewhere (and I can’t find it again to save my life) that on these presses you could change the lever depending on if you are right or left-handed. Is this correct? Any guidance you all could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

image: Press 1.jpg

Press 1.jpg

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most levers are on the left, but you are right they can go either side.

In our school shop, we use three of these. On one, I was forced to move the lever to the right side because the trunion (that to which the lever attaches) cracked from many years of use and over tightening of the bolt holding it in place. Sooooo, for the last ten years we have been using the lever on the right with no problem at all.

You guys are all awesome! I knew the folks here would know! Thanks so much! :)

Saw you have this on eBay, I am from Sandusky would have liked to gotten this one. And yes the handle can go on either side. Dennis

The left hand trunion on this listed press is missing. So I am afraid unless the yoke is replaced or repaired the right hand position is where it must stay.

It might be possible to reverse the shaft in order to change the lever to the left hand side.

OOPS! I took a look at my Pilot, and it seems the part cannot be reversed. The press will just have to be sold as is. I don’t particularly see it as a problem to any great extent. I think the thought is that the left arm would run the press and the right would shift the pieces being printed, but most people can manipulate parts like that with their left hands with a little practice.

There is no shaft. The trunions are machined from the cast yoke, nor can the yoke be turned upside down due to the stops cast into the yoke at the top.
It is what it is…

If this doesn’t sell on eBay in the next few days I’m going to bring it here in case any of you want it! Look for it early next week! You guys are all so helpful, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!

The only other item of interest is the lever angle with the platen open as it ought to be nearly straight up. A closer examination of the Ebay photos shows no key stock. So the lever is likley just loose. Not all O.S. Pilot levers used key stock. I recall more than one that had only a wallow in the trunion for the blunt tapered end of the lever set screw. I would want to peak at the R/H trunion and see what is going on. The right hand only lever should not reduce the value… IMHO. I have fixed several Pilot, Craftsmen and Hohner worn lever to trunion interfaces but for now it is a trade secret.

T and T Press Restoration

I never cease to be amazed at how everything mystically falls into place.

I picked up an OS Pilot just this morning at a junk/consignment shop. The ink disc, chase, rollers/cores and feeding table assembly are missing, but otherwise it is intact (but rusted stiff). I picked this up simply as a parts press (I already have a working OS Pilot) so if anyone does need parts, let me know.


Hi Rick,
I have a Pilot which has the main right side frame snapped in half. Are you interested in selling the whole hulk?



Rats! Upon inspecting the beast this morning I can see that the right side of the main frame is also broken. I am hoping to be able to provide people with specific parts that they might need. The whole hulk is a pretty daunting thing to think about try to ship somewhere. I am located in central Iowa.


No problem at all, Rick. I really should be having this one welded back, but was simply being lazy. The Dale Guild’s machinist is an ace when it comes to welding cast iron- a very unique skill these days.



Do you have the roller arm (part 217)?

I might need one of those.


Hi Brad,

So far I am stiking out here! The roller arm (part 217) is broken as is the right roller frame (part 222). I think that I have now found the all the broken/cracked bits on the hulk.

Someone was looking for a disk lever pawl a while back so I’ll have to go back and find them and see if they still need one.

I really hate this because I would have been able to get your needed ink roller arm easily to you in Iowa City.