How much is this C&P press worth?

I inherited this press from a close friend and the wheel broke off during moving. Its in beautiful condition and I know it was working wonderfully prior to the move. There are dates on it indicating that it was manufactured around 1890s. Does any one know how much this press would go for? TIA!

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Is this press marked as a Chandler & Price? The throw off seems to indicate that it’s from another manufacturer.


If it’s not actually a C&P you will probably have a lot of trouble finding a replacement crank shaft for the flywheel and treadle. It could be a home-made throw-off lever, or some other press maker’s idea. Does it say “Chandler & Price” on the cross-piece of the roller arms?


I won’t tell you it is worth nothing, but it certainly isn’t worth much. Most of whatever value it may have had was destroyed in the moving accident.

Having a new main shaft fabricated isn’t impossible, but the materials and labor won’t be cheap unless someone can call in a favor with a machinist friend. Presses like this are often free when they aren’t broken. After this sort of mishap, they often go to scrap. I hope you can find someone that wants to save it.


DeFelice engineering inc can fix your crank Brian there in indiana

Also try your local machine shop. If they can work with 1.5” steel rod they can probably make a new straight shaft if you plan to use a motor instead of a treadle.


Thanks everyone for the honest feedback. It does have the Chandler & Price mark on the cross piece (photo below). It was really upsetting to me when the movers broke the press - we had professional printers there to help, too. I’ll ask around the printers in town to see if they’re interested in saving it. I’d hate for it to go to scrap. thanks again.

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Straight, keyed shaft is available:
Plug & Play if using a motor.

There are tricks for adding a treadle without making a crank.

I’m not sure you’d want a keyway running the entire length of the shaft. Getting a solid shaft and having a keyway machined shouldn’t be too difficult.


What would it hurt for the shaft to be keyed the entire length? It’s mostly in empty space so you won’t be getting drag from the keyway. It’ll capture dust and crap, but that’s not really a problem as long as the shaft was well-greased beforehand. The grease will get nasty but the shaft itself won’t rust. You might even be able to use the keyway to install some kind of treadle mechanism in the middle.

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Seems like it could potentially introduce debris into the holes/bushings through which the shaft passes. Highly unlikely it would ever be a problem but I’ve seen some strange things in the many presses I’ve worked on.


I must have a sister press as the dates are the same. Mine has a new shaft which is straight so it won’t take a treadle. It is a 8x10 size. These cranks apparently broke often; since mine is also replaced. The throw-off levers also did break. I can attest to that, having broken one on a C&P and one on a Gordon press in my younger years. sad for the mishap.