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I need to rent some numbering machines. I have been dealing with Ultimate Numbering for many years, but keep getting a no longer in service answer. Are they still in business? Does anyone know of another company I could call? Preferably in California, but I’ll call anyone at this point.

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numbering machines are quite fragile items little contraptions. i am surprised anyone would rent them out.
you may have to look into purchase….i do understand if you want to offer all these diff kinds and sizes of numbers, but, limiting a customer to what you have, can be done.

My understanding is that Ultimate did indeed go out of business within the past year or two. I used them to rent MICR machines for check imprinting but that was a few years back. They also sold and serviced machines and offered great service.

The price of new numbering machines has jumped considerably from the $125 to $200 range for standard machines to well over $400 each. They are still made but both Atlantic-Zeiser and Liebinger, the 2 major makers, stated to me that there was virtually no demand for what they call “flatbed” machines and that they were into other forms of numbering, like digital and other electronic applications. They also cut their dealer discounts and raised the minimum orders needed to qualify as a dealer, so I haven’t sold numbering machines now for about 4 years.

Numbering machines made in china are cheap. Nowhere near as good as Leibingers but if you only do a little bit of numbering it is an option. I am always on the lookout for used Leibingers and parts.

Every year for the past 20, I have rented machines from Ultimate for a job that requires 20 machines. Since I have many machines I would only rent enough to fill the order. Ultimate came in handy. Excellent service and very nice people.

I couldn’t find anyone that rents so I’m biting the bullet.

In my opinion, Leibenger makes the best machine. The machines from China will tear your rollers up. The plunger sits too high for inking the numbers, not to mention there cheaply made.

Hopefully Ernie is just taking a break, I rent 10 skip 5 machines every year from him.

I do not know if this will help, but I found this information.

Steven Finch - LEIBINGER America

General Sales & Service - Numbering Machine Dept.

2702-B Buell Drive
East Troy, WI 53120

Phone +1-262-642-4030
Fax +1-262-642-4033
E-Mail [email protected]

Leibinger is very difficult to deal with directly now. They don’t seem to be interested in selling plunger numbering machines. They do sell the model 46 that is like a model 13 with 5 cast wheels.

When I first noticed this thread; next day I called
Ultimate Numbering on the 800 number and the regular
or “tolled” number. Got a “This number is not in service”
type message/recording.
Also sent an email through their web site,
no answer thus far
I have done business with them as recently as
October of 2015.
I sincerely hope that they are not out of business
for a couple of reasons: They did good work on repairing
my numbering machines. They were very forthcoming with
information, tips, advice, etc.
And they seemed like nice folks.

I did hear that Ernie’s wife was pretty sick a while ago, we also rented from them in January 2016. Everything seemed O.K. at that time.

Thanks jfitz, I spoke with Steven Finch and he directed me to Printing Parts in L.A.

Dennis, if you get stuck and LA doesn’t work out, give me a call I’ll fix you up, Bud 559 730-1596

Mike Conway - have you run the model 46? I just learned the only difference between the model 13 and 46 is the metal there made of. The 13 is all steel while the 46 is half steel and half cast. Supposedly the reason Leibinger made these was to offer a cheaper machine. ($200+ vs $135+) I wonder how they hold up.

Here is the information I received from Leibinger as well for those who might need it.

Thank you for your email.
I would like you to contact this Leibinger dealer for the purchase of new numbering machines. I do not believe that they rent them out.

Printers Parts Store – Located in Arcadia, CA
Phone: 626-447-1155
Email: [email protected]

Best Regards/Saludos Cordiales
Steven Finch
Supervisor - Numbering Machines

If you are still looking, I have a few of these things around and only use one. What I need are some California Job Cases. Is horse-trading allowed here?

Dennis Brian

Just seen this yes I have about 10 of the model 46 and have done runs of up to 140,000 so far

jfitz…. Just letting you know that I do from time to time rent numbering machines, I saw you rent skip 5’s I have several sets in 3/16 gothic plunger style machines and 2-4 sets in center drive, all backup machines, call if I may be of service, Bud, 559 730-1596