Letterpress in movies

The latest to add to the list is Paddington (Bear) 2 which has two brief shots of a Heidelberg cylinder.

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not a movie, but there’s a nice looking platen press in netflix’s godless

I know that there is an extremely long thread on this subject, but don’t know if there has been a list created of specific DVDs created about letterpress.

Here is a list of one’s that I have that are all simply marvelous:

TYPEFACE, 60 minutes, Kartemquim Films, kartequim.com - About the Hamilton Wood Type Museum at its original location.

MAKING FACES, 45 minutes, P22 Type Foundry. Documents the work process of the late Jim Rimmer on the lost art of pantographic type making.

THE SIDEY REPORT, 59 minutes, Iowa Public Television. A documentary about the Adair County Free Press. Four generations of an Iowa family running a letterpress newspaper in Greenfield, Iowa.

PROCEED AND BE BOLD, 94 minutes, 20K Films, www.proceedandbebold.com. Fascinating documentary of the life of Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., humble negro printer.

And….not yet released……
PRESSING ON, The Letterpress Film, 100 minutes, Bayonet Media. letterpressfilm.com. How letterpress printing survives into the digital age.

There are probably a lot more out there, so lets get a list going.