prints inconsistent Heidelberg windmill


Recently my windmill starting printing inconsistently. I will have three good prints and then one where the inking is too light. Then 5 prints good prints and then another too light.
I have adjusted the roller height
I have cleaned the rails
I tried spraying the rails lightly with adhesive ( after reading a post here)
I have changed the packaging and tympan paper
Anybody have any other ideas as to what is happening?

Thank you

image: IMG_3834.JPG


image: IMG_3833.JPG


image: IMG_3832.JPG


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if you happen to have an empty core, you could pull each roller, put the empty in, and run an individual roller to see if a given roller is deficient. sounds to me like on certain passes, your rollers are at the correct height. then, on others, they get in time with each other and don’t ink the forme properly.

I have some new rollers. I will give it a try! Thank you

Inspect the shear collar. It might be cracked.

The rollers are set too high above the form. Lower them slightly.


Sounds to me like you’ve developed some flat spots. Be careful of where your letting them rest. Also if your washing your press up with anything other than press wash it could be stripping the integrity from the rollers. Press wash has additives that help keep rollers healthy. Helps maintain their roundness and ink receptivity.
Press wash would be available thru your nearest paper store.