Columbian Iron Eagle

Our museum, has produced 12 metal eagle counterweights taken from an original demy V&J Figgins iron hand press, (George Clymer’s original design of 1813). Mounted on a beautiful wood base the casting is from original Figgins ; 1874. All profits to charity. We have not figured all costs yet but if anyone is interested please contact us. We are producing 12 only.

image: E1947728-2857-4BF9-8FE1-0830782901DF.jpeg


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a reference to size would be nice and of course cost.

Interested as well. I assume original size and cast iron? Don’t need the wood base, tho. :-)

Good point. Should have mentioned that. The size is 11 inches tall (from base of eagle not wood base), and 11 inches wide across wings.

This is the smallest eagle from one of our presses that we are restoring and painting pink (in support of breast cancer awareness).Cost we hope to have shortly. please fee free to also email us at info(at) and thanks for your interest.

This has nothing to do with letterpress printing and does not deserve space on this site.

If they would have posted it as an For Sale Item and paid the ‘Paltry Sum” owed to Briar Press, they would be right on this Site.


R.J. perhaps thee has just learned that most any contributor to the forum can access any individual,s profile.

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