Hello! Can anyone help identify my press?

Hello everyone!

I recently acquired a lovely new (old!) treadle press with a 7x11 chase but no manufacturers mark. I have looked a lot online and it looks like a Peerless or a Pearl but can’t see any markings anywhere apart from this ‘P’ we saw when it was dismantled.

Does anyone recognise it at all? I would love to know a bit more about its past.

On another note, I am missing the roller runners if anyone has any recommendations where to get them (I am in the U.K) or has any I can buy from them?

Thank you so much,

image: press.png


image: press2.jpeg


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It certainly looks like a Pearl press, but could be a “clone”.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Hi John,

Thank you for your help! Do you know why there might not be any manufacturers marks on it? Would this likely have come off (a plate perhaps) or might they not have marked it?

Thank you!

While I have never owned a pearl, I have printed on one, and I recall it did have a nameplate on the top of the platen, identifying it as a Pearl. Perhaps that plate has been removed from your press.

The treadle has the heart shape of the Golding Pearl.

John H.

This web page shows a Pearl nameplate which would have been mounted on the curved top of the back of the platen. Perhaps your press had this type of plate on it.

John Henry

On the evidence, I would feel confident that you have one of the British “knock-offs” of the Pearl — I believe Peerless was one (made by Cropper-Charleton?) but I think there were others. I would say it is a later-than-Pearl #3, as I do not recall ever having seen an early-model Pearl equipped for three rollers. If it is like my #11, the runners (we Americans call them “trucks” :-) they have a smaller diameter “shoulder” which fits into the hooks. I have two or three different ones.


Thank you Bob and Henry! That is really interesting to know! :)

I say it is a Gem, a later similar copy of Pearl. I have seen them in Australia. your rollers are a little different than Pearl. only a few measurements can confirm that.
look me up when ready for rollers. oversea shipping cost but you probably have no choice.

Methinks it a Gem by Thompson that flywheel is pretty unique.
Although it has three roller hooks you only need to have two rollers made. The third roller only goes on when there is a full forme.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17344607439/in/photolist-EiYkqo-YgNQEG-WxMgFX-TWZJmC-C9hCeS-zQPbid-tSHoar-qwNnSb-o8zLza-kYC6Ro-jz4q98-i87jyP-i87QJg-gdqY7n-ejNKAf-ehnyWF-efojEi-mwkkmT-mwkHRk-sH9JS8-sqFDvR-c5iZRo/

Oh wow thank you! I think that is absolutely what it is after studying the photo. Thank you so much, it’s so nice to know the maker so I can research its history!

Spot on! :)

a little late but could be this one
Nottingham manufacturer, H.S. Cropper & Co, produced the Minerva, a copy of Gordon’s improved