Changing the variable pulley on a windmill

Has anyone removed the variable pulley from a windmill motor.
I am due to change motors shortly from a 3 phase motor to a single phase motor but will have to use the pulley I have. The pulley has a lube point which will get damaged using a standard puller. Any pointers would be gratefully received.

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should be able to remove the grease zerk. even if it is to clamp on it with a vise grip. then replace with new one. it either threads in or presses in. if nothing else, can you slide a sizable nut over the grease fitting to protect it? the use puller on the nut?

there is a set screw on the main shaft. You will need to spread the cones so you can get at it. Jam a piece of wood in there. A second set of hands is helpful. You should be able to tap the pulley off the shaft with a piece of wood or aluminium drift. Try and get as close to the shaft though when doing so. So fall off, others are a chore. Good luck.

Thanks ericm and Nick will set to on this next week when the new motor arrives. Looking forward to having the windmill running again.

Hi Frank, I wonder if theres anything in common mechanically with the drive units on the early DAF cars from Holland.

Harrildplaten, there’s a question, which came first? The windmill arrived around 1927 I think but whether it had the Variable pulley back then I don’t know but the Daf car was probably post war? Answers on a post card as they say.

In industry this is called a Reeves pulley after it’s inventor, Milton Reeves, who invented it in 1879.

In the second link scroll down to: Variable-diameter pulley (VDP) or Reeves drive. The drive on the Windmill is a simplified version of one of these.

You can read more about DAF Variomatic here:
Btw DAF is short for ‘van Doorne Automobiel Fabriek’.

Have been successful in switching the pulley to my new single phase motor. Easiest way was to remove the grease nipple then the grub screw at the end of the pulley and unscrew the collar holding the spring allowing the spring to come off. This allows the free cone to be removed and gives access to the grub screws holding the pulley to be removed. By screwing the collar back on and with the aid of a bar put through the grease nipple hole and a puller the pulley can be pulled off the motor shaft.

Many thanks to all for your input.