Die cutting damage

If a platen and press bed are both damaged from the previous owner not using a die jacket, is a press still worth purchasing and fixing up if it’s a good price?

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I can’t imagine anyone doing that, but I guess it happens. If the damage is minor, I would put a test job on it and see how it performs. But if it isn’t powered up and ready to go I would pass. Who knows what else is wrong with the press. BTW, what make and model is it?

What do you plan to use the press for? Are you a “hobbyist” or looking to do commercial work on it? If the former you can probably drive the price down and use the press with some minor work, but check the bearings of the platen and be sure they aren’t damaged too. Depending on the damage and how you plan to use it, you might find it satisfactory.


If it is a true PLATEN press and not a “Clam Shell”, the platen can probably be adjusted back enough to allow for plates to be added to the bed, behind the die, and on top of the platen. Don’t tell the seller you know this.
It can probably be sanded and saved. Can you post pictures?

Press make and model needed to advise.