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Chessmen Font16 Feb 22
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I don't print much, so the one ink I...19 Apr
"The runners are the one it came with....19 Apr
I am (among other things) a hobby...19 Apr
I can see your point, now that you have...19 Apr
I didn't know that such a thing...19 Apr
I spent many a summer in my younger...19 Apr
Had a brand new set for my Craftsmen...25 Dec
Indeed they do roll off the rails! I...4 Jul
Indeed they do roll off the rails! I...4 Jul
First lesson learned: My washers will...4 Jul
Have now secured the trucks to the...4 Jul
Looks like a CraftsMEN Superior to me....4 Jul
The way I would tell them is to simply...6 Jul
"The Boxcar Flurry prints well. I’ve...6 Jul
I purchased a used Craftsmen Superior...6 Jul
I didn't know anyone was still making...6 Jul
A while back I had a web buddy who I...6 Jul
Already have a fairly dog-eared copy of...7 Jul
My Craftsmen Superior came without...7 Jul
I got a small tabletop platten press...7 Jul
Thanks. I ordered a package so I have...9 Jul
Honestly, it is more likely that I am...9 Jul
So is the press as much of a nightmare...9 Jul
Red pressboard was advertised as free...9 Jul
Red pressboard was advertised as free...9 Jul
OK,, NA Graphics' proprietor, I gather...14 Jul
Kerosene?14 Jul
Boxcar also sells sheets of the stuff.14 Jul
Sounds like report covers is going to...15 Jul
Well, assuming you cannot get a new...15 Jul
Well, this afternoon when I arrived...18 Jul
This afternoon I found a box from NA...18 Jul
Seems to me that using home-made...25 Jul
I've now created a new image that has...29 Jul
Thanks. Just so I understand: 1....30 Jul
OK, to me "trap" either means a...30 Jul
Light has dawned... I see the problem...30 Jul
Y'know, that IS a possibility. I do...30 Jul
I have thus far resisted the Pantone...31 Jul