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I had a set for a Kelsey which melted...22 Apr
I have a Miller pedestal saw model that...22 Dec
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I suspect it will work fine as it is. I...9 Sep
I tried using a linotype slug, but...16 Feb
I would choose a Poco - now what does...12 Jul
If the package was insured, have the...9 May
If you could send or post pictures, I'm...12 Aug
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Inky - If you were using Benzine you...25 Feb
It could well be a plant press where...13 Jun
It is the same as the board used for...4 Sep
It really doesn't matter if the gb...5 Aug
I'm going to take a wild guess that by...12 Mar
I've had some work done in Chicago on...27 May
John - I have a piece of the very same...6 Feb
Karen - You've come to the right place...14 Nov
Let us know the make and size of the...14 Dec
Looks ok - Not a rip-off. You probably...5 Mar
Nice looking small press. I'm afraid...17 Aug
Now that I read the last post I now...22 Dec
Outside is 4 1/4 x 3 inches Inside is...18 Jul