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The red pressboard is best, but I have...4 Jan
I just moved a C & P 8 X 12 Old Series...6 Jan
Shouldn't it be type high? 7 Jan
I have seen large chases made out of...10 Jan
Try Indianapolis Electrotype Service....13 Jan
Outside measure of my Pilot chase is 8...14 Jan
An SOS pad and hot water removes...16 Jan
Make sure that the notches on the...17 Jan
My new cores are 17 3/4 inches long....17 Jan
I made new feedboards for my press from...19 Jan
An interesting press, for sure. At...26 Jan
It would print either way, but as Neil...29 Jan
Paint remover (the thin, watery kind)...8 Feb
My C & P Old Series was made in 1906...9 Feb
Leslie -- If you get to the point of...10 Feb
I would recommend keeping the smallest...13 Feb
It's stamped into the upper left hand...20 Feb
It would have been printed with a hand...25 Feb
That's what I was wondering ... how...27 Feb
Close the press. Then grab the platen...28 Feb
I use manila folders and cut up cereal...24 Mar
The Old Series presses are more...26 Mar
As for tips, based on my experience...26 Mar
Yes, you can have a motor and a...27 Mar
Yes.28 Mar
The end of the treadle has either two...29 Mar
A welder could make a chase for you. On...21 Apr
Did Dave Churchman move away from...30 Apr
Hardware stores carry springs in...5 May
You might try gasoline. Just make sure...9 May
Mocaw -- What size is your...19 May
The Old Series press is beautiful, but...21 May
I agree with Stanislaus -- that would...30 May
If you're afraid t to dismantle it, I...2 Jun
The classic textbook, Elementary Platen...7 Jun
Cut four 4 X 4s to the proper length...28 Jun
I agree with Arie. Ask around at...12 Jul
It's "worth" whatever he can get for...20 Jul
Tribune Show Print, in Earl Park...22 Jul
I would recommend running a "wanted" ad...22 Jul