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John, Your press should have a chase...15 Feb
I apologize, typo on the Model...15 Feb
A rider roller would definitely help...4 Jun
It is a Model, French Version - Model...3 Feb
No, but it is really cool!6 Feb
Work in Progress10 Feb
Thank You11 Feb
For Power - you do not have to have a...25 Mar
I believe the shaft is oscillating...12 Apr
A picture of the space washer Peter12 Apr
This press is the early version of the...14 Apr
Brandi, All I did was offer you a...15 Apr
Thank You DGM, that is good information.18 Apr
Try mixing CORN STARCH into the ink. We...29 Apr
I have a Edison Mimeograph with tons of...9 May
That is a multi tap wiring schematic....23 May
Any chance the press is for sale?23 Sep
I agree with platenprinter. I think...1 Oct
The press is a Daughaday Model NO 2...11 Nov
I have a font of wood type that has the...1 Dec
It looks like the roller spring arm is...9 Feb
Delay my last...........I guess the arm...9 Feb
Was that type, used or new worth 350.00...14 Feb
I have seen end tables made with...22 Feb
Any electrician should be able to help...24 Feb
British Navy? I am assuming you are...9 Mar
Thanks Todd, When are you making...10 Mar
Where are you located?15 Mar
Where are you located? I have been...15 Mar
John, I have one press that has the...26 Jun
platen, It is a Model. I just need a...27 Jun
Rick is absolutely correct. If Rick's...2 Jul
I am interested as well!15 Oct
I can appreciate Virgin Wood Type and...21 Oct
Thanks everyone for sharing. I guess...22 Oct
Mr. Moore, I think you're on to...24 Oct
Mrs, Perfecton Type, I have...25 Oct
John - That was one of the most...27 Oct
Guys, I am still at awe. I am shocked...27 Oct
Reach out to Tom at T&T Restorations...28 Oct