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Setting gauge pins... 815 Jan  Bruce cpd
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Height of a chase base  810 Jan  cottagesmall
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Type ID? 106 Jan  Stephen O. Saxe
Shipping Type in Type Case 126 Jan  Stephen O. Saxe
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Foil Die Lockup 53 Jan  western411
Dear sellers, please include your... 43 Jan  Zwack
Jack Stauffacher Passing 152 Jan  parallel_imp
Linotype Model 927 Dec 17  highlands print...
Christmas/Chanukah cards 2625 Dec 17  inky
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Welding cast Iron Service 121 Dec 17  Nick Howard
Bringing Letterpress over from USA... 1318 Dec 17  atelier domino
A little printing press-kit from a... 318 Dec 17  ShuheiFujikura
Crate a Keley 6x10 Letterpress 518 Dec 17  gil
UK - Ajax Major needs tlc 414 Dec 17  platenprinter
Height of a challenge knife  614 Dec 17  western411
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Impression 912 Dec 17  western411
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Experiences with Dry Ice or Soda... 411 Dec 17  megahurt
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Sears, Roebuck press room stereo... 110 Dec 17  platenprinter
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Drinking on the job 185 Dec 17  Mikedprinter