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And the color is PERFECT. I'm so...17 Jan
Awesome. I will try one if not all of...30 Aug
Chuck. I am fairly new but thought the...22 Jan
Dick G, I measured the outside...30 Apr
Disregard... the topic is 2 posts down....30 Jun
Haha. Sorry, I went for a walk and I...17 Jan
Hey Paul, Here is a pic of the two...28 Aug
Hey, Thanks for the input. I live in...25 Apr
I am composing a video of the first...17 Sep
I have a Gordon and have 2 rollers. I...10 Jan
I think the Key was at some pt welded...5 Dec
It is an old style. I did check that....27 Aug
It's moved! Thanks for all of the...22 Jul
Oh that makes me feel better :) Yeah, I...17 Nov
Ok so I finally took some pictures....19 Jul
Rich, I am moving a 26" cutter this...15 Jul
Sorry... Printing press. I guess all...16 Sep
Thanks Dave!15 Jul
That was actually my next step as I am...2 Jul
The inside of the hook is fine. I...29 Aug
The problem lies more with getting the...15 Jul
The two are sideways... sorry19 Jul
There is no serial number in the bed of...19 Jun
What size is your press? Nancy20 Dec
Yeah, we pulled really hard and also...2 Dec
Yes. I freaked out too soon I'm sure....17 Jan