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as a buyer of a portable press, not as...19 Sep
As someone who just bought a...10 Nov
Call bindery tools, they have old...19 Dec
Chuck, That would be great as I am...20 Aug
Dick you may have it! My form is 4x6. I...4 Dec
Didnt seem to be warped at all. It was...15 Nov
does anyone know what the little lever...9 Sep
Friend I am glad you're ok, very glad...4 Jan
Give Dustin a call at Bindery, they are...16 Dec
Good if it went for the opening bid...4 Jan
Hey folks thanks for your help! We have...23 Aug
Hi The paper was just standard note...14 Nov
Hi Dick, I really appreciate your...13 Aug
Hi Dick, I am in WV, there are a few...12 Aug
Hi John, How much of the chase gets the...9 Sep
Hi Winking Cat, I am very new to...13 Aug
I am looking for a laser, what brand do...29 Feb
I am using at the advice of a fellow...19 Nov
I bought an older advance from bindery...1 Jan
I have looked at several, one a George...15 Sep
I just bought a set of 10 Challenge Hi...3 Nov
I tried all weekend Bob, they sold it...6 Sep
I tried tonight with putting a magazine...5 Nov
I tried using a heater about an hour...13 Dec
In my very limited knowledge that's not...29 Dec
It could be a repro, but I think it's...15 Nov
It seems that some sellers want the...1 Sep
It seems though that the rail taping is...28 Nov
its actually the door opening, I agree...28 Mar
It's mounted on wood block, not sure...5 Dec
I'll take it, looks good, sent you an...25 Aug
I'm a newbie, but I have been keeping...7 Dec
John, thanks for posting these pics. I...12 Sep
LOL Dick! Actually the seller was...10 Nov
More than fair Chuck, I will email you...21 Aug
Nothing....its just that sort of gut...3 Nov
On old printer who checked it for me...5 Nov
Thank you all !4 Nov
Thank you! 18 Nov
Thanks all there is a wealth of info...30 Dec