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Forme, that is good to know I have...15 Apr
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Hern makes the treadles in Northern...25 Oct
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How much does a base cost? Does anyone...10 Feb
I actually do a lot of wedding invites...28 May
I always order from keldon, haven't had...21 Oct
I can take a photo and send it later.....28 Jun
I do have a roller setting gauge, my...12 Feb
I do not have my press on hardwood...9 Oct
I don't have a pilot press but I can't...27 Mar
I don't know about precut but im sure...7 Mar
I don't know that it's the plate --...12 Feb
I don't think thats the same thing, but...26 Jun
I found that just trying one of each...18 Oct
I got some opaque white from great...9 Apr
I got the belt to stay on at 15...1 Nov
I greased the large and small gear...3 Nov
I have a little 19 inch or so challenge...9 Apr
I have a little book from Kelsey that...21 Dec
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I have all my fingers too.. (even...22 Apr
I have not tried this trick, but I was...11 Mar