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Kluge 1015 Roller Tool22 Jan 10
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20 mil PVC Pipe Wrap tape works for me....4 Apr
A piece of perf, score or cutting rule...8 Jan
Aaron, what kind of work do you plan to...28 Jun
Adding to jhenry's comment, if rollers...28 Nov
An offset press blanket will help. The...26 Feb
Anti static dryer sheets sometimes...1 Jan
Are you applying ink to the plate with...8 May
Are you using really large suction cups...7 Feb
Attached is a page from the Kluge...19 Apr
Automotive glazing compound, used in...8 Jan
Avoid hypoid gear oil if there’s...10 Feb
Bad for your rollers! I clean my press...15 Apr
Be careful pricing paper. That's 1 ream...21 Jun
Blind print (no ink) then use the...16 Oct
Brake pad on mine is leather 12 Dec
Bruce cpd, The other end of your rider...15 Aug
Check your plate. Are the edges of the...14 Sep
check-out this site -...9 Nov
Civil war era prints were often printed...4 Feb
Could be a low spot on the plate or...5 May
Depending on your location there should...28 Apr
Devils Tail always has good advice....11 Feb
Dick G - Email a shipping address...8 Apr
Dick is right. Check out this site for...4 Sep
Did the supplier sell you the wrong...6 Sep
Didn't realize it was a Vandercook. In...5 Feb
Does the belt slip, or is the motor...10 Mar
Don't grind the "pips" off! Maybe dress...1 Oct
Don’t know about removing old ink but...18 Dec
Double post 1 Nov
Double post deleted 2 Apr
Download the Kluge manual from Boxcar....11 Feb
Drawing of gripper bar mounts for C&P...13 Oct
EDIT - corrections made to drawing...2 Sep
File name cannot contain spaces or...17 Dec
For holes in type I have had luck with...18 Feb
For minor plate and type repair I have...23 Oct
For pagination you need to know the...26 Apr
for the same reason you post your...14 Apr
get some wire and a plug and maybe an...18 Jul