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All 3 characters in the photographs are...8 Oct
Also the bed measures the 15" by 19 &...10 Feb
Andykeck, I will let you...16 Oct
Bob, Yes the type that is uncut has...6 Oct
Do you have any idea who the...13 Mar
Here are a couple of more photos.30 Jul
Here is a better photo. The pieces...27 Jan
Here is a better picture of the "J"11 Jan
Here is another picture of the font.1 Oct
Here is another view of it.11 Jan
Here is closeup of the same.25 Feb
Here is closeup of the same.25 Feb
Hi Geoffrey, There was nothing on...31 Jul
I actually found some literature in my...24 Dec
I also have some base which has...11 Feb
I also have some base which has...11 Feb
I am not surprised because the shop...5 Jan
I failed to mention this is lead type...6 Oct
I found out this is a Warnock register...25 Mar
I found some interesting information...11 Jan
I have attached 3 photographs of 3...8 Oct
I have many of these moulds, flongs or...24 Dec
I hope the image gets through this time!1 Oct
I only have the uppercase.1 Oct
I thought that too except I think the...9 Feb
It's similar to Latin Oldstyle.22 Feb
Mikefrommontana, Thanks for your...11 Oct
My objective is to determine if this is...11 Feb
Parallel_Imp, Are you seriously...3 Jan
Photographs should come through this...8 Oct
Rick, Thanks for the info and yes...23 Feb
Sorry for the confusion. The pictures...17 Jun
Sorry, the picture didn't show on the...6 Jan
Thank you for your help.10 Feb
Thank you Rick!8 Mar
Thank you!21 Sep
Thank you!11 Feb
Thank you!3 Jan
Thank you! This is a 60 point in the...28 Mar
Thanks for your help!25 Feb