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11 inch stiff wire with a hook on end...23 May
1930's - 40's Sigwalt Idea looks like...16 Aug
44mm is 1.75 inch a common size for...16 May
a good cleaning and remove paint off...9 Aug
a little late but could be this one...22 Oct
a small press like that has no rail...11 May
Ace has a good wire in 12" lengths by...10 Apr
ad / museum / browse to end of...28 Jun
All my test show nothing can beat...26 Jul
all six of your trucks would be the...19 Sep
any notch will work21 Nov
anyone get on using Mac I will try...8 Oct
as far as jumbo roller goes, you need...12 Dec
as is 125.00-150.00, to make it usable...13 May
Back again, I found the fat roller Idea...12 Dec
Baltimore #10 late 1800's it will need...25 Jun
Baltimore #6 is a hand inking press....11 Jun
before I had a mill I would just tack a...12 Nov
Bid is up to 1725.00 Time is running...21 Oct
can I ask where did you get your rollers4 Oct
can you point to tabs you speak of..21 Jun
can't see your photo save as a pdf make...26 Jul
Caslon makes a good quality roller and...14 Dec
chase size 2.5" x 4" , paper size 3"x...1 Nov
cheap rollers are not your friend22 Sep
check E-bay26 Nov
Chicago Sigwalt a similar later copy of...25 May
Chicago Sigwalt No.10 red handle same...27 Jul
Click on my name to e-mail me comments...9 Aug
Coleman fuel used for camp stoves and...18 Mar
congratulation on finding that...23 Jun
Could you put up a photo21 Jun
Craftsman Victory model A big hook. try...7 May
Denny at Advanced roller in...28 Jul
Dollar General stores and others have...7 Nov
due to the endless phone solicitors, I...31 Aug
E-mail me, I would be happy to make...31 May
far as I have seen the French has all...1 Jun
Feel free to check my feed back to....5 Mar
Finding a chase is going to be tuff, it...9 Jul